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Blueprint Pro

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Blueprint Pro is a city building generator, It's the foundation to your city model in Blender. I've put an insane amount of work and love into this. I'm a solo developer working on a crazy ambitious project.

Blueprint is a highly sophisticated random city building generator. Your city will be built in a grid system. Defined by x and y values. All of the buildings share the same textures, so you can quickly texture an entire city within a matter of seconds. After, you can spend time customizing each building for better results. The buildings built by Blueprint are extremely close to real world size, unless you have a very powerful computer I suggest building small grids at first.

I will continue to improve and add more buildings and details to them. Along with roof structures such as vents, pipes, patios. Also I want to add a first floor to all the buildings along with streets. 


Please be patience with bugs or other issues you encounter. And thank you so much for your support and ratings!!!

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Build real world size buildings at random (Office, Apartments, Skyscraper)


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Blueprint Pro

91 ratings
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