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Building Blocks, addon

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Your building generator

I wanted to create a building generator that not only built a quick mock-up of a building but that you were also able to give an input of your own design. With building blocks you can model your own 1 m cube for the main window face, the corner, and roof of your building. I've put together a small and simple tutorial, a little long but if you watch it it'll show you how to set things up to make your own buildings.

If you have any questions or issues please go to blender artist:
############# Mini Tutorial ############

Once you decide which Collections you want to use. Hit the 'build collections':

Here are all your instances collections:

Create a new cube and set it to these parameters:

Copy and paste this cube for all of the Collections you've created:

  • Notice the light collections can be a light object or another random object

Hit the 7 key on your number pad or Z axis on navigation tool:

  • Faces 1, 0 are the ones you need to use for modeling

    Model away and create a new building!! :) Share & Like & Tell your Mother

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An awesome Blender Addon to build procedural buildings using Collection Instances


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Building Blocks, addon

62 ratings
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